GroupZap is a tool for you and your team to collaborate on ideas in real-time, even if you're not in the same room.

Use it during conference calls whenever you'd use a whiteboard, or reach for a piece of scrap paper, in a face to face meeting.

Create a whiteboard

Create a new board for the issue you want to discuss or brainstorm. New boards are free and instantly available. Just enter or confirm your email address and go straight to the board. You can create as many boards as you like.

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Invite your Team

Share the board's URL with the other members of your team. Just copy and instant message it or use our 'share' page to send an email direct from GroupZap.

Get stuck in

GroupZap uses a sticky note metaphor to allow you to get stuff up on the board quickly. Unlike most whiteboarding software we don't force you to write or draw with the mouse.

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Moodboard or Document Store

Upload images or files simply by dragging and dropping them into the web page, directly from your computer's explorer or finder window. Use our simple boxes and arrows to quickly sketch processes and dependencies.

Freedom of choice

A GroupZap whiteboard can be used in lots of different ways. Enable our range of stickers and select different backgrounds to help organise and annotate your notes. After a brainstorm, you can use stickers to vote on items.

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Silent Brainstorm

One great way to use GroupZap is for all participants to silently add notes to the board to capture everyone's initial thoughts on a topic. Then, take it in turns to explain what your stickies mean, and to remove any duplicates and add any newly inspired points. Finally start to cluster, organise, discuss and summarise the group's thoughts. Click here for a detailed explanation

Playback and Rewind

The entire history of the thought process is recorded so you can rewind to review how certain ideas or decisions came about.

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Distribute conclusions

Finally, create a PDF to send round to the team as a record of the meeting for follow up actions or documents.

Follow up and Review

Your team can continue to add items to the board after meeting, as afterthoughts occur or absent colleagues become available.

Your board will stay active for 7 days - then it will need to be unlocked. However, you can create new whiteboards for free at any time.

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HTML5 Logo This site makes extensive use of HTML5. Therefore GroupZap requires a compatible browser, which means a fairly recent version of Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Opera. Unfortunately, if you are using an old version of Microsoft Internet Explorer that doesn't yet support HTML5, you can either upgrade to a more modern browser or use Google's Chrome Frame (a plugin that provides HTML5 support). Please let us know of any problems you come across via email or the feedback tab!