The easiest way to brainstorm and document your thoughts and strategies.

The power of many: use GroupZap to create breakthrough brainstorming sessions with your team.

Use it to develop your corporate strategy, name a product or identify the solutions to issues in your organisation.

No need to register: just invite people via email or IM.

Get started right now with a free, shared whiteboard.

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‘Am I getting the best ideas my team has to offer? Or am I just getting what the loudest have to say? GroupZap surfaces the best ideas even when they come from the quietest people. With 100% contributing we're able to leap forward quickly.’

Lee Rosen,

‘As a designer, I can now have a visual discussion with my clients, without having to touch acrobat’

Stephen Brennan,

‘With teams scattered across 7 countries we found GroupZap very useful not only to prepare very focused and efficient meetings with our teams abroad, but - first and foremost - to unleash the creativity of our people. ’

Jean-Baptiste Rivail, harmonia mundi

‘I love the GroupZap brainstorm process. It helped unlock our team's creativity.’

Lauretta Alison,

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